As part of University of Hawai`i Online, we are offering many of our undergraduate courses online. Although we cannot offer an undergraduate degree online, these courses will provide an increased range of options for students seeking an undergraduate degree, and some of these courses may be used to make up deficiencies for those enrolled in the M.S. program. The information given on our B.A. Program web page and associated undergraduate degree pages applies to ALN students as well. Please see those pages for information on applying, degree requirements, etc. This page summarizes information relevant to students taking undergraduate courses online.

The ICS department offers the ICS portion of the courses required for the B.A. degree. This degree has other requirements that can only be met through course work in other departments. It is unlikely that you will be able to fill all your requirements online. You will be most successful in obtaining a B.A. in ICS if you can meet the requirements for an A.A. degree in other ways, for example through the UH Manoa campus, your community college or other local institutions.

The ICS degree follows a strict prerequisite sequence, and therefore we are organizing the ICS online courses in a cohort system. Students are assumed to have already met the reqirements of ICS 101 or equivalent (this ensures that you have the basic skills needed to start using electronic media for online learning). The cohort sequence begins each fall with ICS 111. You then take ICS 211 in the spring, ICS 311 next fall, and then go on to other more advanced courses.

You may also be able to meet some of the ICS degree requirements through UH Hilo’s online courses in Computer Science.