We are committed to expanding access to the University through distance learning. One focus is on Asynchronous Learning Networks (ALN). Asynchronous classes have no class meetings. Students learn the material “anytime, anywhere” by reading books, handouts, or Web pages and interacting with other students and the instructor via electronic media. This work will enable us to serve a greater range of students who cannot attend campus-based classes, whether due to scheduling conflicts such as job or childcare responsibilities, or because they are residents of neighbor islands or living outside of Hawai‘i.

Currently one can take both undergraduate and graduate courses via ALN:

  • We offer a selection of courses in our M.S. degree in ICS online.
  • We are offering many of our undergraduate courses online.  Note that the undergraduate degrees require many non-ICS courses that are not currently available online.

Admissions and graduation requirements are identical to those for our regular programs: see the B.A. and M.S. program descriptions as well as general information on the undergraduate programs for further information.