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Fall Admissions: February 1st
Spring Admissions: September 1st

Minimum Requirements

All applicants must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree. Applicants with degrees in fields other than computer science, business, engineering, mathematics, or a natural science should consult with a graduate adviser before applying for admission.
  • The GRE General Test is required. The Subject Test in Computer Science is not required but recommended to eliminate undergraduate deficiencies. Intitution code is: 4867 Department code is: 78. (The GMAT will be considered as an alternative if the GRE is not available in time for the application deadline, but you must notify us of the substitution.)
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of a major modern and object-oriented programming language. Many courses in our curriculum assume some background in the Java programming language, so that is an excellent choice. See further comments on programming experience below.
  • A grade of B or better in an “algorithms and data structures course” (e.g., ICS 311 or equivalent). In order to enroll in ICS 311, you must have taken or demonstrated knowledge equivalent to ICS 111 and ICS 211. (See brief descriptions of ICS courses.)
  • A grade of B or better in at least one other advanced (300-level or above) computer science course (e.g., ICS 312, 313, 321, or 331).
  • A one-year course in calculus (e.g., MATH 241 and 242). (See brief descriptions of Math courses.)
  • A cumulative undergraduate grade point average of at least 75% (3.0 on a 4.0 system). This is a graduate division requirement.
  • Programming Experience: Our M.S. program assumes that you have at least three sequential semesters of programming experience (i.e. the equivalent of ICS 111, ICS 211, and ICS 311) before you enter our program as a classified graduate student. If you do not have any programming experience, then you will need to have completed this three semester sequence prior to enrollment. People with some prior programming experience can often “place out” of ICS 111 and start in ICS 211; you need to contact the instructor of ICS 211 to determine if you fit in this category. You can apply to our program during the semester that you are enrolled in ICS 311, for admission in the following semester.

Preferred Background

As detailed on the MS Degree Plan Process page, a student may be admitted with “deficiencies” that must be resolved before registering for graduate-level courses. This can increase the time it takes to get the Masters’ degree. The GRE subject test in computer science is optional, but can be used to waive undergraduate deficiencies:

  • >75%: All 300-level deficiencies waived, but 400-level deficiencies remain
  • >85%: All deficiencies waived.

Finally, your application will be stronger if you have demonstrated the ability and motivation to work independently, for example by taking on a project related to computer science (whether within or outside of a school setting). Doing a project with faculty or other established professionals will make it easier to obtain meaningful letters of reference.

Application Checklist

  • Send these items directly to the Graduate Division:
    • Graduate Division Application Form
    • Application fee
    • Official transcripts from all institutions of higher education that you previously attended (except for University of Hawaii).
    • All test scores required in your situation (GRE for everyone; others may need TOEFL and/or CS GRE). GRE codes are R4867 for University of Hawaii and 0402 for Computer Sciences.
    • Anything else that their website asks for (see here for additional requirements for international applicants)
  • Send these items directly to the ICS Department:

If you send your application materials to the wrong office your application may be delayed or even denied as being incomplete. The materials that are required by the Graduate Division will be forwarded to the ICS Department once the Graduate Division determines that your application is complete. It is your responsibility to communicate with Graduate Division to ensure they have all of the required materials. Until they do, we won’t see your application.

Graduate Chair Coordinates

Dr. Henri Casanova
Department of Information and Computer Sciences
1680 East West Road, Room 317
Honolulu, HI 96822
808 956-2649 (office)
808 956-3548 (fax)