For most tasks, you don’t really need to have an ICS Educational Computing Lab account because ITS grants UHUNIX accounts. However, if you are taking ICS classes where the professor or instructor requires use of ICS facilities, then you may need an ICS account for one or both of the ICS Unix and PC Educational Computing Labs.

Qualifying for an ICS Educational Computing Lab account

Use of ICS Educational computing facilities are restricted to the following ICS User Categories:

  • ICS faculty and staff
  • ICS MS graduate students
  • CIS PhD graduate students
  • Students taking ICS undergraduate or graduate courses
  • ICS visiting colleagues
  • Students carrying out directed research under an ICS faculty member’s supervision.

As a general rule, ICS graduate students typically qualify for accounts in both Unix and PC computing labs, while ICS undergraduates typically qualify for accounts in just the PC computing labs. If you are not an ICS graduate or undergraduate student, you do not generally qualify for an ICS Educational Computing Lab account.

Applying for an ICS Educational Computing Lab account

  1. You must first obtain a UHUNIX account, since this user name will be used to generate your ICS account name. See for details.
  2. Next, fill out the ICS Account Application available in the main office in POST 317. (We are not providing this online because it is a contract which must be printed as a two-sided document: when you sign the front you are agreeing to the terms on the back.) Students must have their instructor sign the agreement form. ICS graduate students should have the ICS Graduate Chair sign the form. CIS PhD students should have CIS Program Chair sign the form.
  3. When completed fully and signed, turn in the ICS Account Application form to main office in POST 317. Important Note: Incomplete or unsigned forms are discarded and no ICS computing privileges granted (you will need to submit another application if you still wish to apply for an ICS Educational Computing Lab account.)
  4. Wait up to three days. You will receive e-mail on your UHUNIX account when your UHICS account is ready or if your application has been denied. If you have not heard anything in three days, you can send email to the ICS Account Application manager to request the status of your application.
  5. You must appear in person and present a valid UH student ID or other picture ID when you pick up the initial password to your account(s). You may need to arrange a time to do so.

All ICS Educational Computing Lab accounts are assigned with a definite termination date. ICS graduate student accounts terminate on their expected graduation date. For others, the termination date is the end of the semester.Accounts nearing their termination date can be renewed if the user will remain in one of the ICS user categories past the termination date. You will receive e-mail notification when the termination date associated with your account nears.

Accounts can be terminated at any time and all files deleted if the user violates an ICS computing policy or if they otherwise no longer qualify for an ICS Educational Computing Lab account.

ICS Educational Computing Lab Rules

The following rules apply to computer usage regardless of whether you are logged in to our facilities from home, from an on-campus computer lab, or from any of our ICS Educational Computing Labs.

  1. You must know and obey UH policies on computer usage.
    These include the Interim Policy for Responsible Computing and Network Access and the Student Conduct Code (
  2. You must only use your account for ICS educational and research purposes.
    Your account may be used for your class assignments, other computing related to your education in ICS, and research work supervised by a faculty member in ICS. Any personal, commercial, or inappropriate use not related to the education and research activities in ICS Department is not permitted, and will result in termination of your account and deletion of your files.
  3. You must be considerate of others and not interfere with their work or offend them in any way.
    If you are inconsiderate or offensive to others, they may return the favor. In addition, we may revoke your account for gross violations.
  4. Never let anyone else use your account.
    They may misuse it intentionally or unintentionally, and you will be held responsible.
  5. Limit your disk usage to 10 MB.
    Going over this limit may result in deletion of your files by the system administrator. A high disk quota can be established with a note from your ICS faculty advisor.
  6. No food or drink.
    Food in the lab leads to dirty or failed equipment, cockroaches, larger animate beings, odors, and a very disagreeable quality of life for everyone using the facilities. Students have called the lab “disgusting” at times in the past due to left-over food. Instead, go outside and enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian scenery for a few minutes while you eat. This is better for digestion, and gives your eyes a needed break from the monitor. Plus, you might find that staring at the stars is much more conducive to figuring out that bug than staring at the screen.
  7. No audible sounds or music.
    At times in the past, the ICS Labs have sounded like a video arcade, which is not exactly conducive to research or education. Please use headphones.
  8. Do not be loud or raucous.
    Treat the Educational Computing Labs as if they were libraries. Work together, but work quietly. Respect the desires of others for quiet contemplation. If the monitor asks you to keep it down, thank him or her for reminding you and return to whispered conversation.
  9. No phone calls.
    The phones in the labs are for use by only ICS staff and the lab monitors for ICS related business.
  10. Do not install software unless specifically needed by a course and authorized by an instructor.
    Downloading and installing unauthorized software consumes valuable disk space and can introduce viruses. We are very strict about this rule. If you violate it, you can expect to have your account revoked and your files deleted.
  11. Limit breaks to under 10 minutes.
    Short breaks are reasonable. Keep them under 10 minutes. If a monitor notices that a workstation has been left unattended for more than 10 minutes, then the monitor can end this session and allow another user to take over the workstation.
  12. Use ICS printers for ICS work only.
    The ICS department spends thousands of dollars a year to buy reams and reams of laser printer paper. A very high percentage of that paper is almost immediately thrown away. Another significant percentage of that paper is used to print out non-ICS related material. Given recent slashes in our departmental operating budget, this means that we have to choose between buying paper and buying new computers. Obviously, all of us prefer the latter. To maximize the amount of money we have to upgrade our computers, please observe the following rules related to printing:
    • Do not try to fix jams in the printer. Instead, notify the monitor or the TA.
    • Do not print large documents, including web pages, manuals, theses other than your own, non-ICS related materials, blank pages, black pages, and obscene material.
    • You cannot use your own printer paper. Only the paper provided for these labs can be used. Once it runs out, no further printing will be possible.
  13. Obey the lab monitor.
    All of the above policies have been formulated in response to student complaints and with student input. They are designed to provide a safe and productive environment for everyone. It is the role of the monitor to remind those who might forget and/or report those who are willfully violating these policies. The monitor makes sure that all students do more than simply “pay lip service” to the policies. If you disobey a monitor, or cause them any grief, we will immediately take away your ICS account. It’s that simple.

Misuse of the facilities may result in the loss of your privilege to use them, or in flagrant cases, other disciplinary action.