Student Project Topics (Spring, 2016)

This page contains student research project suggestions by ICS faculty that would be appropriate for both undergraduates and graduate students.

Analyzing patterns of acute cardiac admissions at Castle Hospital

Nursing of any large, general hospital grapples with having enough nursing staff on hand to handle its most complex patient. Cardiac admissions are among the most unpredictable, however analyzing patterns of past admissions might give new insight into seasonal, time-of-day, day-of-week variations. This derived distribution would be helpful in calculating probabilities of an admission occurring during a particular time period (or shift). The student will work with Professor Dennis Streveler, a health informaticist, and Therese Courtenay, Director of Inpatient Nursing at Castle Hospital (in Kailua), who is a student in the DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) program at UHM. For more details, contact Dennis Streveler.

Apps for high-latency communication

HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation, ( simulates the conditions of long-duration human space exploration. Due to the distance between Earth and Mars, it takes 4-24 minutes for a signal to get from one to the other. However, most communication software is designed for much lower latency. For this project, you will design and implement a communications/social-media app that can handle the high latency gracefully. For more details, contact Kim Binsted.

Data Analytics for Solar Energy

Integrating renewable energy to the power grid requires grid operators to balance energy generation with consumption. This project investigates the use of various data mining techniques to forecast solar irradiance using a variety of time-series data sources. We are looking for motivated students interested in data integration, fusion, mining and visualization. For more details, contact Lipyeow Lim.

Open Power Quality

The Open Power Quality project ( is designing custom hardware and software for low-cost, residential monitoring and cloud-based analysis of power quality. By better understanding power quality, we hope to enable more renewable energy in Hawaii and world-wide. We are looking for students who are interested in exploring circuit design, power quality algorithms, time series analysis, and/or web-based user interfaces. For more details, contact Philip Johnson.

Security Enhancement of Commercial Airliner through Privileging Air Traffic Controllers in Emergency

Malicious controllers can possibly manipulate a flight control system e.g. aircraft or drones. from various channels, e.g. autonomic control devices, remote cyber controller, or human operators. Thus, pilots could suicide the aircraft, the auto-pilot maybe infected by malware, and air traffic controllers can mishandle the drone. To better mitigate the potential risks, we hope to propose theoretical framework model in physical, human and cyber triad, a more secure air traffic control system, and a more safe task allocation mechanism. Students who are interested in aviation, risk control, and human-machine interface are highly encouraged to apply. For more details, contact Depeng Li.

AllNet: networking among mobile devices

My cellphone has a radio that could easily communicate with the radio in your cellphone. However, currently they do not, even when they are smartphones with wifi (802.11) capability. The AllNet project ( aims to allow personal devices to communicate directly with each other. For 2016, we are looking for students who want to learn how to get different devices, both computers and cellphones/mobiles, to talk directly with each other. We are also interested in students who think they can adapt the current code to run as an app on their favorite mobile device. For more details, contact Edo Biagioni