The ICS website allows us to publish news items to help inform the public of our efforts regarding research, teaching, and service to the community.   Examples of appropriate news items include but are not limited to:

  • Awards from professional societies and organizations
  • Monetary or in-kind grants to sponsor research.
  • Community or professional service (chairing conferences, etc.)
  • Upcoming seminars, masters and doctoral thesis defenses etc.

Creating an ICS news item involves the creation of two kinds of content:

  1. Image: An image representing the item.  It should be 500 pixels wide by 404 pixels high.  You can be off by a few pixels without causing problems.  The image is displayed in full on the home page, but autocropped to a square image on the page displaying the news item, so try to keep the content centered in the image so that it looks OK when cropped. 
  2. Description: A 1-2 paragraph description of the news item.  This should be written for a lay audience and will often provide at least one link to a page containing more details. 

Once the content is available, actually creating the new item involves:

  1. Creating a new “post”.
  2. Creating a title.
  3. Adding the description to the text area.
  4. Setting the “Featured image” for the posting to the image. 
  5. Setting the publication date appropriately. 
  6. Setting the tags appropriately.

Both Henri and Philip are experienced at creation of ICS news items.   If you would rather not login to WordPress to create the news item yourself, you can feel free to email either of them your image and description (although note that Philip will be on sabbatical from July – Dec 2014).