Policy on teaching assignments for the ICS program

In order to teach all of the required ICS undergrad courses every semester, every ICS faculty member may be required to teach at least one 100-300 level course every semester.  So if you are scheduled to teach only one class (with your other class being team-teaching 101), you should be sure to list 100-300 courses for your preferred courses.

If you are scheduled to teach 2 courses, you are welcome to list some 400/600 level elective courses in addition to the 100-300 classes.

If you would like to teach your specialty 400/600 level courses or 491/691 special topics courses more often than once every two years (assuming you teach your 400 level specialty course one year and your 600 level specialty course the next year), you are quite welcome to volunteer to replace your ICS 101 team teaching duties with your preferred course.

Last updated: October, 2010

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