Peter Sadowski Wins AIJ Prominent Paper Award

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Peter Sadowski on winning the 2019 Artificial Intelligence Journal (AIJ) Prominent Paper Award! The award “recognizes outstanding papers published not more than seven years ago in AIJ that are exceptional in their significance and impact.”

The award will be presented at the 2019 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence meeting in Macau in August. The award recognizes the impact of the 2014 paper titled “The Dropout Learning Algorithm,” published in Artificial Intelligence, vol. 210, by Pierre Baldi and Peter Sadowski (doi= This paper provides an explanation for why “dropout” is such an effective learning algorithm in artificial neural networks. Today it is one of the most widely-used regularization strategies in machine learning.

From P. Baldi & P. Sadowski (2014). The dropout learning algorithm. Artificial Intelligence, vol 210, May 2014, pp. 78-122. Under a creative commons license.