ACManoa Hosts Wetware Wednesday

On November 28th, 2018 ACManoa hosted November’s WetWare Wednesday in the UH iLab. WetWare Wednesday is a monthly networking event that brings together the local software development community in Hawaii.

Speakers for the event included ACM Board Members: Vice-President Ty Uehara and Treasurer Isaac DeMello, as well as ICS faculty members: Dr. Peter Sadowski and Dr. Phillip Johnson.

This WetWare featured an expo of both student and faculty projects:

  1. Team Pika – HACC2018
  2. Team Gucci Gang – HACC2018
  3. Team Mea Kanu – HACC2018
  4. Team O.W.O – HACC2018
  5. HoloRacer by Justin Bishay
  6. Wrench Pedagogic Modules
  7. Oahu Transit Tracker by Ethan Chow
  8. Open Power Quality
  9. TechFolio Designer
  10. Radgrad