Agile Power Project Wins Big at Green Initiative Awards

An ICS team led by Professor Philip Johnson was a big winner in the 3rd University of Hawaiʻi President’s Green Initiative Awards. The awards recognize student-driven sustainability projects on-campus or in the community with measurable outcomes.

Philip Johnson receives a $10,000 prize from Hawaiian Electric Light Company President Jay Ignacio and UH Community Colleges Vice President John Morton.

The Agile Power Project won a $10,000 prize provided by the Hawaiian Electric Charitable Foundation.

Team members were:

  • Anthony Christe and Serge Negrashov (ICS Ph.D. students)
  • Evan Hataishi, David Badke, Kea Uehara (ICS B.S. students)
  • David Aghalarpour (ICS 2017 grad)

Project Description

To achieve net zero energy, UH must install significant solar generation on the Manoa campus while maintaining grid stability. Achieving this requires data useful for creating models of the current UHM microgrid, which can then provide insight into the impact of future solar installation and other energy conservation measures (ECMs) on the UH grid. To obtain this data, UHM is currently installing building-level energy meters that collect both consumption and power quality data. The utility grade meters costs approximately $10,000 installed and are permanently attached to a building’s main electrical feed. We propose to complement this effort with “agile” power quality monitoring: our meters cost $100, can be moved easily to different locations, and can assess PQ at any wall outlet location within a building, thus providing high resolution data regarding PQ effects on equipment and caused by equipment. We believe that agile PQ monitoring will provide a complementary, cost-effective means for UHM to collect the data it needs to improve power quality, identify cause and effects, and fulfill its net zero energy mandate, not just during 2018, but for years to come.

For more details, see the UH News Release.