Hawaii Workshop on Parallel Algorithms and Data Structures

The Algorithms and Parallel Computing Group (AlgoPARC) in the ICS Department at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is pleased to host the Hawaii Workshop on Parallel Algorithms and Data Structures. The NSF-supported workshop, held from Dec 4-8,  is locally organized by Professor Nodari Sitchinava. It has attracted participants from around the globe.

Workshop Description: Since the mid-2000s, it became clear that parallelism is an essential tool for improving computational throughput of modern systems. Recognizing this fact, researchers in various fields of Computer Science, such as computer architectures, databases, programming languages, networking, and operating systems, have made significant advances in the infrastructure needed for parallel computing. Thus, given this foundation, there is a need for research that provides simple and efficient algorithms and data structures for exploiting this parallel computing infrastructure for faster solutions to important problems.

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