ICS Lunch and Seminar Series: Pawel Sobocinski on 11/3

Pawel Sobocinski

Where and When: POST318B (ICSpace) Thursday November 3, 12:00pm

Title: Compositional model checking of concurrent systems with Petri nets


Compositionality and process equivalence are both standard concepts of process algebra. Compositionality means that the behaviour of a compound system relies only on the behaviour of its components, i.e. there is no emergent behaviour. Process equivalence means that the explicit statespace of a system takes a back seat to its interaction patterns: the information that an environment can obtain though interaction. Petri nets are a widely used and understood, model of concurrency. Nevertheless, they have often been described as a non-compositional model, and tools tend to deal with monolithic, globally-specified models. In this talk I will introduce Petri Nets with Boundaries (PNB), which is a compositional, graphical algebra of elementary net systems, an important class of Petri nets. I will show that compositionality and process equivalence are a powerful combination that can be harnessed to improve the performance of checking reachability and coverability in several common examples where Petri nets model realistic concurrent systems. 


Pawel Sobocinski studied computer science and mathematics at the University of Sydney, Australia and completed his PhD at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, in 2004. He has held postodoctoral positions at the Universities of Pisa, Paris VII and Cambridge, and, since 2007, an academic position at the University of Southampton, UK. His research interests lie in concurrency theory, verification, programming languages, and applications of category theory in computer science.