Grad Student William Wright Named ARCS Scholar


Newly minted ARCS Scholar, William Wright.

Graduate Student William Wright has been named an ARCS Scholar and received the organization’s Sarah Ann Martin Award in Information and Computer Science. Wright looks for clues about personality in people’s writing, such as what word choices and grammar structures say about how extraverted a person is. Potential benefits range from timely adjustments in teaching strategies and improved technology interfaces to diagnosis and treatment of stroke and autism spectrum disorder and detection of criminal or terroristic activities. Wright’s advisor is Professor David Chin.

ARCS® Foundation is a nationally recognized nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization started and run entirely by women who boost American leadership and aid advancement in science and technology.  The Foundation advances science and technology in the United States by providing financial awards to academically outstanding U.S. citizens studying to complete degrees in science, engineering and medical research.

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