Robertson and HICHI members win Best Paper award at CHI 2015

The paper “Designing Political Deliberation Environments to Support Interactions in the Public Sphere,” by HICHI lab members Bryan Semaan (now at Syracuse University), Heather Faucett (now at UCI), Scott Robertson, Misa Maruyama and Sara Douglas, won a Best Paper Award at CHI 2015 in Seoul. According to the conference organizers: “The SIGCHI Best of CHI Awards honor exceptional submissions to SIGCHI-sponsored conferences. Receiving a Best Paper Award is an outstanding accomplishment. It indicates that the CHI Associate Chairs and Best Papers committee identified your paper as being among the top 1% of all submissions to CHI 2015.”
Abstract: “Little is known about the challenges and successes people face when piecing together multiple social media to interact in the online public sphere when: seeking information, disseminating information, and engaging in political discussions. We interviewed 29 US citizens and conducted 17 talk-out-loud sessions with people who were using one or more social media technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter, to interact in the online public sphere. We identified a number of challenges and workarounds related to public sphere interactions, and used our findings to formulate requirements for new political environments that support the interactions in the public sphere. Through evolving requirements generation, we developed a new political deliberation technology, dubbed Poli, which is an integrated social media environment with the potential to enable more effective interactions in the public sphere. We discuss several remaining questions and limitations to our tool that will drive future work.”