Seminar: Kevin Fu, University of Michigan, “Medical Device Security: The First 165 Years”

Kevin Fu
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Michigan
Thursday, January 29, 2014
POST 126, 4:30pm

Abstract: Today, it would be difficult to find medical device technology that does not critically depend on computer software. Network connectivity and wireless communication has transformed the delivery of patient care. The technology often enables patients to lead more normal and healthy lives. However, medical devices that rely on software (e.g., drug infusion pumps, linear accelerators, pacemakers) also inherit the pesky cybersecurity risks endemic to computing. What’s special about medical devices and cybersecurity? What’s hype and what’s real? What can history teach us? How are international standards bodies and regulatory cybersecurity requirements changing the global manufacture of medical devices? This talk will provide a glimpse into the risks, benefits, and regulatory issues for medical device cybersecurity and innovation of trustworthy medical device software.

Bio: Kevin Fu is Associate Professor in EECS at the University of Michigan where he directs the Security and Privacy Research Group (SPQR) and the Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security. He was program chair of USENIX Security, and is a member of the ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy and the NIST Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board. Prof. Fu received a Sloan Research Fellowship, NSF CAREER award, and best paper awards from USENIX Security, IEEE S&P, and ACM SIGCOMM. He was named MIT Technology Review TR35 Innovator of the Year. Fu has testified in U.S. Congress on health matters and has written commissioned work for the U.S. Institute of Medicine. He served as a visiting scientist at the Food & Drug Administration, the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center of Harvard Medical School, Microsoft Research, and MIT CSAIL. He serves on the advisory board of Samsung’s Strategy and Innovation Center. Fu received his B.S., M.Eng., and Ph.D. from MIT. He also earned a certificate of artisanal bread making from the French Culinary Institute.